Colour Vision Meeting, Palmer Lecture & CRS lecture 2019 - The Colour Group (GB)
The Colour Group (GB), founded in 1940, is an interdisciplinary society that draws together people interested in all aspects of colour - its perception, measurement, reproduction and artistic expression.
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Colour Vision Meeting, Palmer Lecture & CRS lecture 2019


Wednesday 09 January 2019
City University London, EC1V 0HB

Each January the Color Group has a meeting concerned with colour vision in all its aspects.
This meeting has now become a tradition for early January – a good way to start the colour year.

10.30 hrs Chromatic and achromatic pathways underlying the perception of motion in depth
Alex Wade University of York.
11.00 hrs Cambridge Research Systems sponsored lecture 2019
Cone opponent signals in electroretinographical responses
Jan Kremers University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
12.00 hrs Luminance and chromatic spatial contrast sensitivity at high light levels
Sophie Wuerger University of Liverpool
12.30 hrs LUNCH
13:30 hrs Chromatic distortions in images of natural scenes
Ben Jennings Brunel University
14:00 hrs Discriminating hue and discriminating purity
John Mollon University of Cambridge
14.30 hrs Palmer Lecture 2019
The dimensions of color vision
Karl Gegenfurtner Giessen University
16:00 hrs Colour and greyscale: perceptual and computational insights
Marina Bloj University of Bradford
16.30 hrs Mapping colour names in cone excitation space
Dimitrios Mylonas UCL
17:00 hrs Searching for evidence of cortical entrainment to colour appearance models in the adult human brain
Andrew Thwaites University of Cambridge
17:30 hrs What is white under coloured lights? Achromatic settings in immersive illuminations
Gaurav Gupta University of Newcastle

B200, University Building
City University London
Northampton Square
London, EC1V 0HB

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£25 Students Non-Members of the Colour Group

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