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PIGMENTS: from the Ground Up

Wednesday 02 October 2019
City University
Room C312, Tait Building
Northampton Square
London, EC1V 0HB  

David Dobson

For the majority of human history the primary source of pigments was minerals – with the colours arising from electronic transitions in the transition elements which they contain. Iron is the most common transition metal and so the colours of iron (reds, yellows and pale greens) were common. Under exceptional circumstances (deep below the Earth’s surface) iron can cause extremely rich blue colours. The talk will investigate the cause of colour in minerals and go on to discuss a new blue pigment being developed based around these exceptional high-pressure minerals.

Onya McCausland

Geologically distinct earth colours are constantly forming from coal minewater treatment waste in geographically varied landscapes across the UK.
I have found, collected and processed these colours and use them in paintings to re-view perceptions of colour, its material structure and to consider our connection with the contemporary landscape.

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DATE 25 September 2019