Turner medal

Only Colour Group (GB) members have the right to submit a nomination. However, the nominated person does not have to be a member nor does he/she necessarily need to be a UK citizen or resident in the UK. All nominations are to be submitted by email or by post to the Honorary Secretary at
Each member may only submit one nomination. Each nomination should consist of (a) a statement, of up to one A4 page, stating the merits of the proposed nominee which justify the award and (b) a citation of up to two A4 pages providing relevant biographical details of the proposed nominee. This can include up to three of the most relevant web links. The font size should not be less than 11 points.

More on the history of the Colour Group's medals is to be found here

About every two years the Colour Group invites a distinguished artist or art historian, to give The Turner Lecture, honouring Britain's greatest colourist. A sterling silver medal is awarded to mark the occasion, and the recipient presents a keynote lecture related to his or her work.

Past Turner Lecturers

1998 Peter Sedgley
2000 Albert Irvin 1922 - 2015
2001 Martin Kemp
2003 Roy Osborne Telesio's Colour Dictionary of 1528
2007 Zandra Rhodes The Only Thing Constant Is Change - A Life in Colour
2009 John Gage Emulous of light: Turner's colour revisited
2011 Bridget Riley Colour in Particular with reference to works by the artist and other painters
Unfortunately illness prevented her from delivering the Turner prize lecture
2013 Kaffe Fassett Glorious Colour
2015 Carlos Cruz-Diez Reflections on Colour: video link from Panama to City University. A video made by the Cruz-Diez Foiundation is here.
2017 Michael Craig-Martin Colour in Practice
2019 Sarah Street The Art of Film Colour

DATE 15 June 2019