NEUROSCIENCE, COLOUR and the VISUAL ARTS: Art and the illuminant

NEUROSCIENCE, COLOUR and the VISUAL ARTS: Art and the illuminant

Art and the illuminant: An exploration of sources of illumination and art.

Wednesday 7th April 2.00pm-6.30pm
Online, via Zoom 

The latest in a series of meetings in which we bring together clinicians and vision scientists to discuss the influence that visual disorders, normal brain function and psychophysical phenomena have on the generation and appreciation of visual art. The meetings will be of interest to vision scientists,

ophthalmologists, neurologists and all who practise and appreciate the arts of painting and drawing.

This meeting is held jointly with the  UK Neuro-Ophthalmology Society.




14:00 Introduction: concepts of illumination, painters and paintings
Gordon Plant and Lesta Woo, UCL

14:30 Colourful Insights: Architecture and Visual Impairment
Lesta Woo, Architect, Insights Studio/UCL

15:00 Caravaggio and Vision
Clovis Whitfield, Art historian and author of “Caravaggio’s Eye”

15:30 The use and abuse of shadows by painters
Patrick Cavanagh, Psychology, Glendon College, York University &
Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College

16.00 Break

16:30 Does colour tell the time of day in paintings?
Anya Hurlbert
Professor of Visual Neuroscience & Dean of Advancement, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University

17:00 When Art Turned DayGlo, an Introduction to Fluorescent Art
Stefanie De Winter, KU Leuven

17:30 Phosphorescence and the appearance of magic in painting
Degard, Royal College of Art

18:00 A Revolution in Art: Painting “en plein air”
Gayna Pelham, The National Gallery / The National Portrait Gallery

18:30 General Discussion and Close

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