Membership of the Colour Group costs £20 per annum (£10 for students) and entitles the holder to reduced entry to events, and access to member-only events.

Such subscriptions allow us to arrange events, and to provide awards to students doing research in colour related fields.

Full membership benefits:

  • Reduced entry to events and meetings
  • Exclusive access to some events
  • Opportunity to apply for colour group awards for students and early career researchers
  • A chance to network with experts in field of colour
  • Reduced, or free entry to some international colour meetings
  • Opportunity to engage in artistic exhibitions organised by the group
  • Access to the occasional publication produced by the group
  • A regular newsletter

If you represent a society or a business, please consider our society or patron membership packages. Lifetime membership for individuals is also available. Please contact the membership secretary for details of these types of subscription.

From time to time the Colour Group elects people who have made valuable contributions to the Group or to the study of colour to Honorary Membership.

We are able to produce a paper version of our newsletter, and post this to members who prefer this over the digital version. If this is desired, please add a note requesting such on the checkout page, and noting whether the delivery address is the same as the billing address.

Note: membership runs from the date purchased until 31st December of that year. An exception is a case whereby a new member signs up on or after the 1st July, in which case their membership shall run until 31st December of the following year.

If you are not yet a member but wish to apply for membership, select the membership type and proceed to the CHECKOUT.  There you will see a box for ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.  This is to help us tailor our programmes to members interests so could you answer four questions:
1.  The email address of each new member
2. What is your interest in colour (e.g. colour vision, textile design, psychology etc)
3.  What is your affiliation (e.g. company, institution, etc)
4.  Where did you hear about the Colour Group (GB)

Ordinary membership (one off payment)

Student membership (one off payment)