The Colour Group

Over 80 years for people interested in colour


The Colour Group (Great Britain), founded in 1940, is an interdisciplinary society that draws together people interested in all aspects of colour – its perception, measurement, reproduction and artistic expression.

Monthly meetings are held, mostly in London, usually from October to May and provide a unique forum for the exchange of information and contacts.


We invite those interested in colour and its application to join the Colour Group as members. Membership provides discounts to events and access to members-only events.


We organise events which aim to celebrate and share the broad range of topics related to colour, generally in London, but increasingly outside of London also.

Colour Awards

The Colour Group awards Early Career Awards, to encourage students and young researchers who are members of the Colour Group (GB) either working or studying in a UK institution to present their work at national and international meetings, and to benefit from interaction with the international colour community. These are The WD Wright Award and The Palmer Award.

We also award Honour Awards to those distinguished in the study of colour. These are The Newton Medal, The Turner Medal and The Palmer Lecture.

We also fund Poster Awards at a range of conferences.

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Colour News

  • Every year the Colour Group (GB) offers the Robert W G Hunt poster awards for the best poster presentations on the subject of colour at a number of international conferences. At the AIC 2023 congress (Chiang Rai, Thailand) we were delighted to announce 3 Robert W G Hunt International Poster Awards to poster presentations of outstanding quality of contents, poster design and communication....

  • See the winning posters of the Robert W G Hunt International Poster Awards 2022...

  • Artist Kabe Wilson's new piece on the art of skin colour...


Our patron members provide an important financial contribution to allow us to host as many events as we do.