The Palmer Lecture

Every year in January at the Colour Group’s meeting on colour visual science, a distinguished vision expert is invited to deliver the Palmer Lecture.
The lecturer is presented with an illuminated certificate.

Past Palmer Lecturers


2004Prof John MollonThe different perceptual ways in which we live
2005Prof Jim BowmakerThe evolution of colour vision: speciation, spectral sensitivity and ecology
2006Françoise ViénotFrom gloss scaling to gloss constancy
2007David FosterSpectral tuning of human trichromatic vision for object identification
2008Pieter WalravenHistory and theory of the chromatic Stiles-Crawford effect
2009Ken KnoblauchPartition and integration of chromatic information in the visual system
2010Donald MacLeodAre there phenomenal complementaries?
2011Arne ValbergModelling neural mechanisms for colour discrimination
2012Adam ReevesOddities of early dark adaptation
2013John BarburGenes, Rayleigh matches and colour thresholds – how well can one describe variability in human colour vision?
2014Steven K ShevellContrast from Perceptual, Not Retinotopic, Separation of Background Context
2015Anya HurlbertThe limits of colour constancy
2016David BrainardPsychophysics in the distal stimulus: color and material perception in the service of natural tasks
2017Rhea EskewMechanisms of color: detection, discrimination, and appearance
2018Janus KulikowskiChips in daylight: hue perception and colour constancy
The dimensions of colour vision
2020Paul MartinPathways to colour in the eye and brain