AIC 2013 Book of Abstracts.

A Colour Compendium (in the English Language)
John B Hutchings, Richard F Gavitt, Michael R Pointer
– available as  a PDF  (4.6 Mb)
Commencing  from around 1950 any mention of ‘colour’ that was perceived to be interesting has been torn from the pages of newspapers and magazines. Sorting of the acquired heap into subject categories began in 1978. Topics excavated included colour in nature, colour in folklore and oral tradition, colour and ethics, and archaeology. But, by far the largest heap was that devoted to ‘miscellaneous’.  After a good deal of manipulation data contained in this pile emerged as the present Compendium.  The main divisions of the work are based on Berlin and Kay’s hue classification plus metal colours, and within each major colour data is grouped according to subject matter. These include such topics as climate, currency and geography.  Outside the classification there are sections on animal colours, racial terms and appearance words and patterns. Finally, there is a section on colour orders, that is, where colour is used to identify or to denote some sort of ranking, such as occurs in medical and safety codes.  The authors are most grateful to the late Dick Gavitt, an early pioneer of the home computer, one time news anchor man for a Chicago radio station, who got started on the digitisation, and to Mike Pointer for editing the final work. Also in their debt are Professor Tien-Rein Lee for organising the proof copies of the original version and the Colour Group (GB) for hosting the current version on line.

Occasional Publications: a series of publications of important historical, scientific or artistic subjects.

  • Emulous Of Light: Turner’s Colour Revisited by John Gage here , a version of the 2009 Turner lecture
  • Chevreul’s Colour Theory and its Consequences for Artists by Georges Roque, CNRS, Paris here
  • Spectral Simulation for Cultural Heritage by Patrick Callet, Ecole Centrale de Paris, Paris here – note this file is compressed with some loss of quality- the original is available on ResearchGate.

The Journal of the Colour Group (1964 to 1974)

In 1964 the Colour Group decided to publish a journal for members to provide them with a record of recent meetings, items of relevant news and interest and, eventually, book reviews and scientific papers. The series ran for 17 issues to 1974 and covered 337 pages.

These issues are provided here in PDF format: a compromise has been made between download file size and spatial resolution of the text and graphics, approximately the original format but in 10 point rather than 8 point Times New Roman but still on A5 pages. Figures and pictures have inevitably suffered somewhat due to the half tone screens originally used. In the series, page numbering ran from 1, the first page in issue 1, through to 337, the last page in issue 17, but here, each archived issue starts on page 1.

Journal of the Colour Group, issue 1
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 2
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 3
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 4
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 5
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 6
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 7
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 8
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 9
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 10
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 11
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 16
Journal of the Colour Group, issue 17