The Newton Medal – Past Recipients

About every two years the Colour Group awards its Newton Medal to a distinguished worker in the field of colour science, on the occasion of his or her delivery of The Newton Lecture.

1963Prof W D WrightThe rays are not coloured
1965Dr W A H Rushton FRSThe chemical basis of colour vision and colour blindness
1967Dr W S Stiles OBE FRSMechanism concepts in colour theory
1970G J ChamberlainWhat use is colorimetry?
1972Dr D B JuddColour in visual signalling
1975Dr R W G HuntSky-blue pink
1977Dr C J BartlesonFull circle: The study of chromatic adaptation
1979Dr S T HendersonThe colour of daylight
1981Prof R A WealeGame-set-match
1983Dr B H CrawfordColour in signals
1985D L MacAdamUniform colour scales (delivered in 1984)
1987Miss M B HalsteadLighting and colour rendition: quantity versus quality
1989W N SprosonColour television
1991J G HolmesSuiting colour to the name
1993Prof S M Zeki FRSColour vision as a guide to brain organisation
1995Dr R McDonaldThe effect of colour physics on the textile industry
1997Don PaveyAesthetics of colour and orientation
1999Professor John D Mollon, FRSThe colour-sense: its origin and development
2001John B HutchingsDriving forces for colour usage in food, biological nature and human behaviour
2003James H NobbsRelating the Composition of Materials to their Colour
2006Prof Richard Langton Gregory, CBE, D.Sc., FRSE, FRSColours through a Bayes Window
2008Prof Roy S BernsThe Use of Color Science in Art Conservation
2010Prof Janos SchandaDo LEDs need a new colorimetry?
2012Prof Françoise VienotThe Novelty of Metameric LED White Lights
2014Prof Michael R PointerProgress Towards the Measurement of Appearance – Tortoise or Hare?
2016Prof Andrew StockmanDistorted Insights from Perceptual Anomalies to Colour Mechanisms
2018Prof David FosterThe Randomness of Colours
2020Prof M Ronnier LuoHoly Grail of Colour Science – Version II