Honorary Members

From time to time the Colour Group elects people who have made valuable contributions to the Group or to the study of colour to Honorary Membership.
Honorary Members are listed below together with the dates of their election:

1966J Guild
1966W S Stiles
1970J W Perry
1971S T Henderson
1975B H Crawford
1976W D Wright
1980R G Horner
1981J G Holmes
1983G J Chamberlin
1988R S Sinclair
1992V G W Harrison
1994R W G Hunt
1994R A Weale
1999J B Hutchings
2000M B Halstead
2005P M Forsyth
2006A Tarrant
2007John Adams
2008John Mollon
2009Jack D Moreland
2010Mike Pointer
2011Jim Bowmaker
2015Ralph brockelbank, John Mellerio