Colours That Don’t Exist

A negative image of a garden. credit Ginny Smith

Colours That Don’t Exist

Ginny Smith won first place prize for outstanding communication on the subject of colour from the Colour Group (GB) in 2021 .


Ginny says ” I am so pleased to have been chosen as the winner of this communication competition. It is a huge challenge explaining complex concepts in a concise, easy to understand way, and I often find myself having to simplify concepts to a level appropriate for my audience, which varies from 5 year olds to professionals, depending on what I am creating. I have aimed this video at non-specialist adults, who may only vaguely remember learning about rods and cones at school, so have tried to make it fun and engaging, whilst getting across the core concepts in the illusion. This sometimes means not going into the most cutting edge research- sadly there is only so much you can cover in a 2 minute video!”


Ginny Smith won first prize in the Colour Group (GB) Communication prize. A science writer and presenter with expertise in psychology & neuroscience, Ginny has a talent for making the complex comprehensible and a passion for brain science.  She founded Braintastic! Science, which produces science shows and resources to help young people understand their brains. She presents podcasts and videos, and her latest book ‘Overloaded’, about brain chemistry, is now out. She also shares her skills as a science communication trainer and consultant, providing scientists and organizations with techniques to grab their audiences attention, and keep it.

Find her on social media @GinnySmithSci and @BraintasticSci, or on her websites: and