January Vision Meeting 2022

January Vision Meeting 2022

Almost all of the talks are now available to watch on Youtube (Here)

The renowned January scientific meeting of the Colour Group (GB) is once again online in 2022. We have fantastic program of nine talks from Germany, Britain and the USA, including this year’s Palmer lecturer, Jay Neitz. Come join us from 13:00 to 18:30 GMT on January 5th, 2022.

It’s free to join the meeting but with a limit of 500 registrants, so please register early at the eventbrite link below!

Registered attendees will be emailed the link to join the zoom meeting the day before the meeting, and again on the day.

13:00 Hue and chroma discrimination of three-dimensional matte objects.
Matteo Toscani,
University of Giessen
13.30 Chromatic scene statistics.
Alice Skelton,
University of Sussex
14.00 Fixational eye movements and L:M ratio.
Allie Hexley,
University of Oxford
14.30 GRANVILLE TEA (brew your own)  
15:00 Colour-Biased Regions in the Ventral Visual Pathway Are Food-Selective.
Ian Pennock, University of Sussex
15:30 Acquisition of colour categories through learning: Differences between hue and lightness.
Jasna Martinovic, University of Edinburgh
16:00 Colour Categories in Monkeys.
Danny Garside, NIH
16:30 Break
16:45 Single- and double-opponent colour neurons studied with perceptual scaling and cVEP responses to colour patterns.
Valerie Nunez, New York University
17:15 Colour appearance of small spots depends on local variations in the spectral topography of the cone mosaic.
Alexandra Boehm, University of California, Berkeley
17:45 Palmer Lecture: Color vision as model for testing ideas about how the brain works
Jay Neitz, University of Washington
18:30 “GRANVILLE GATHER” social event (bring a bottle)  

We look forward to seeing you there!