January Vision Meeting 2023

January Vision Meeting 2023

The renowned January scientific meeting of the Colour Group (GB) will be held in person in 2023 at City University, London from 10am on Wednesday 4th January.

We have a fantastic program of confirmed talks, including this year’s Palmer Lecture by Professor Sophie Wuerger from the University of Liverpool. Attendees will also enjoy the Granville Tea and a post-meeting drinks reception in the evening.

More information will be provided closer to the time, and to attendees who have signed up via the eventbrite link below.


Fixational eye movements and L:M ratio Hannah Smithson University of Oxford
Vision when ‘greens’ are ‘black’ John Barbur City, University of London
Why natural environments benefit red-green colour deficient vision David Foster University of Manchester
Color constancy in real and virtual worlds Karl Gegenfurtner Giessen University
The geometry of high-level colour perception reflects the amount of information provided by colours about objects Mubaraka Muchhala University of Bristol
The colours of images preferred by individual voxels delineate visually responsive brain areas Ian Pennock University of Sussex
Brain responses in a case of recovery from cerebral achromatopsia Anthony Morland University of York
fMRI responses to cardinal colour directions and their dependence on spatial frequency Rebecca Lowndes University of York
PALMER LECTURE: A journey through colour space Sophie Wuerger University of Liverpool