January Vision Meeting, Palmer Lecture & Granville Gather

January Vision Meeting, Palmer Lecture & Granville Gather

The renowned January scientific meeting of the Colour Group (GB) moves online in 2021. We have fantastic program of seven international and national talks, including this year’s Palmer lecturer, Michael Webster. Come join us from 14:00 to 18:30 GMT on January 6th, 2021 and then afterwards at the “Granville Gather” social event (bring your own bottle)! It’s free (but with a limit of 500 registrants, so please register early)!

Please sign up for both the Vision Meeting, and the Granville Gather at the separate links below the programme

All CG Jan 2021 abstracts at this link.

14:00 Hue selectivity of SSVEP response: properties of its grand mean and underlying factors.

Ichiro Kuriki, Tohoku University

14.30 Effect of ageing of optical elements of the human visual system on its contrast sensitivity.

Maliha Ashraf, University of Liverpool

15.00 Sensing Changes in Illumination Spectra over Time.

Anya Hurlbert & Ruben Pastilha, University of Newcastle

15.30 GRANVILLE TEA (brew your own)  
16:00 Modelling Individual Variations in Equiluminance Settings.

Jingyi He, Northeastern University

16.30 Color constancy: priors, cues, and development.  
Maria Olkkonen, University of Durham
17:00 Palmer Lecture: Compensation for Color Deficiencies.

Michael A. Webster, University of Nevada, Reno

17:45 Cutting-edge advances in vision research: Toward a High-fidelity Artificial Retina.

E.J. Chichilnisky, Stanford University

18:30 “GRANVILLE GATHER” social event (bring a bottle) Separate sign up!

VISION MEETING  14.00-18.30 :

GRANVILLE GATHER 18.30-20.30 :