Watch Iridescence Day 2021 – Video available

Watch Iridescence Day 2021 – Video available

Iridescence is a spectacular colour effect found in natural and artificial materials and in atmospheric effects on light.

It is defined by the reflectance of multiple colours from the same material (which may be solid, liquid or gas) and a change in the hue and intensity of the reflected light with a change in the angle of viewing or of illumination. It is caused by multiple physical phenomena, and its consequences in biological, psychological and engineering contexts remains to be fully understood.

On Wednesday 3rd February we hosted four speakers with radically different perspectives on the subject of Iridescence.

Rose Chafer. credit: Karin Kjernsmo


4.00pm Prof Michael Berry, (University of Bristol)Unweaving the rainbow’s colours Abstract available here

4.30pm Liz West, (Artist) Iridescence in Contemporary Art and Sculpture

5.00pm Dr Radwan Siddique, (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)) Nanostructures & Engineering Iridescence

5.30pm Dr Karin Kjernsmo, (University of Bristol) Iridescence as Camouflage Abstract available here


The talks by Michael Berry, Liz West and Karin Kjernsmo can be watched in the recording below.

Iridescence Day 3rd Feb 2021