Saturday 21 March 2015
The Omnibus
1 Clapham Common Northside
London, SW4 0QW
Close to Clapham Common tube station Northenr line
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From 10.00 to 17.00 hrs
Specially aimed at the general public to find out about colour whilst having fun
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joint event with the BFI

Wednesday 4 February 2015
City University, London

Webb, BFI Ruedel, BFI
Three speakers from the BFI, Kieron Webb (ABOVE LEFT), Ulrich Ruedel (ABOVE RIGHT) and Bryony Dixon (BELOW RIGHT), together with Guy Edmonds of Plymouth University (BELOW LEFT) spoke on the history and developments of colour in film and film restoration.
Edmonds Dixon, BFI
question time
Pointer, LeedsThere followed a question time and then Mike Pointer, Leeds University (RIGHT) spoke on how colour was measured. There followed a reception to celebrate the cooperation of the Colour Group and the BFI.

The event was over subscribed and many people could not get tickets. The good news is that the BFI and the Colour Group are making plans to repeat and extend the event in the next programme session - watch these web pages!

with Palmer and CRS Lectures

Wednesday 07 January 2015
Institute of Ophthalmology, London

Bonnardel and Hurlbert
During the day there were eight speakers (details here) but proceedings started with the Palmer Lecture given by Prof Anya Hurlbert (Newcastle University). The Colour Group Chairman, Valérie Bonnardel presented Anya with the Palmer Lecture certificate after her lecture ABOVE. In the afternoon the CRS sponsored lecture was given by Prof Fred Kingdom (McGill University, Montreal) - he was introduced by Katia Ripamonti of CRS BELOW.
Ripamonte and Kingdom

COLOUR and SPARKLE in jewellery:
all that glitters is not gold

Wednesday 03 December 2014
City University

diamonds Lynne Bartlett
Andrew fellows We are told diamonds are a girls best friend, but the audience already knew this and was more concerned to hear about the history of jewels and the four C's as applied to gem stones, particularly diamonds.

Lynne Bartlett, designer and maker of jewellery (
TOP RIGHT), reviewed from the earliest times up to today how different techniques and materials were used to make desirable and fashionable jewellery.
Andrew Fellows (Gem-A, London ABOVE)considered ways to measure the colour of stones and concluded that the matter was so complex, the experienced human eye was probably best. Alan Collins
Finally Claire Mitchell (Gem-A, London) explained how diamonds are tested and classified, a process necessary for determining the price of stones (RIGHT Lady



The World seems to be going mad about a certain dress. In case you missed the fuss (is this possible?) get the background and a reasoned peice with the links below on why there is (was) a problem:

This all bodes well for those working in visual science - there could be decades of research projects on colour-contrast of dresses, chromatic adaptaion and so on. It only remains to convince the fashion industry that all this is of vital importance..
animated dress pattern

Perhaps colour contrast images like these on the left based on the dress pattern are a way to go for the would-be vision scientist.


Museum of Colours logo

The Museum of Colours, a newly formed European interest group pledged with similar aims to those of the Colour Group (GB), is now established in Berlin. It has just issued it's first Newsletter which will be of interest to Colour Group members. Its content is based upon the Museum's web pages which may be viewd via this link.



Françoise Vienot, Emeritus Professor, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, is to receive the Judd Award of the AIC, one of the highest awards for work in colour, at an international meeting in Tokyo in May this year. Françoise was awarded the Newton Medal of the Colour Group in April 2012 (review see page 9 Newsletter April 2012 Number 2012-04) and gave a lecture entitled The Novelty of Metameric LED White Lights



The Colour Group has agreed to present the 2015 Turner Medal Award to Carlos Cruz- Diez for his contribution to understandings of Colour through Art.
Carlos Cruz-Diez is a Venezuelan Artist living in Paris, born August 17, 1923 in Caracas, Venezuela, now aged 91
His nomination for the prize is based on his long standing career in the artist's use of pure colour in Art and in his Environmental Installations within public domain that include Light, Pigment and Movement. He published his book Colour in Time and Space to correspond with his exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in 2011.
His exhibit in the Royal Academy's current Radical Geometry show reveals him to be still a leader and long-term practitioner in his field. His interest in 'Colour without Form', Kinetics, Printmaking, 3-dimensional Art, and his highly creative adaptation to digital printing seen in his more recent artworks shows how he is still constantly engaging with contemporary practice. It would be fitting recognition of all his achievements to be awarded the Colour Group Great Britain Turner Medal Award.
His work can be seen at the Mayor Gallery, 21 Cork Street, London W1S 3LZ.
The text below is from the RA Brochure for their current exhibition Radical Geometry.
"Carlos Cruz-Diez has pioneered the integration of colour, science and movement in art for over 60 years. His work includes paintings, huge projects in public spaces, and light installations (seen last year at the Hayward Gallery's Light Show). Cruz-Diez has four works in our exhibition Radical Geometry: Modern Art of South America from the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection and has recently painted a 'dazzle ship' for the Liverpool Biennial.
On 4 July Carlos Cruz-Diez visited the Royal Academy to take part in a wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Joanne Harwood (University of Essex, Director of the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America (ESCALA)). He reflects upon his career, the unstable nature of colour, and his commitment to art that directly engages its viewers.
Excerpts from these discussions can be seen in 56 minute and 6 minute subtitled forms here.
Also, a short reflection on colour and form is here.

A few pictures from the summer and autumn events:

colour goggles
At the Turner Contemporary Margate in June we had a Drop in to Colour workshop - many children and adults came to try all kinds of coulour related tasks, from painting their 'feeling' to pondering a colour globe through goggles that distort colour vision.
Susi and ChrisAlso in June, but at Somerset House a new exhibition curated by Christopher Farr opened and a tour for members of the Colour Group was organised by Susi Bellamy (see below, talking to Christopher Farr). Inspired by Josef Albers' book Interaction of Colour, Christopher Farr (, organised the exhibition which shows how Josef Albers' 50-year old theories have stood the test of time across a multitude of media.
speakersThis is a picture of the rather soberly attired speakers at the Colour in Fashion event in February 2014.
Coat of Arms presentation Coat of Arms
At the AGM in May 2014 we were presented (ABOVE) with the blazon and new Coat of Arms (RIGTH) for the Colour Group (GB) by Robert John Baptist Noel, Lancaster Herald, College of Arms.
In November last there was a meeting that considered the design, applications and possible hazards of the new technologies that are able to now make high intensity blue light ubiquitous. blue LED's
spinning colour And a year ago, just before Christmas, Colour Group chairman, Valerie Bonnardel (RED HAT, LEFT), tried her hand at making spinning colour wheel art. Frankly, it has to be said that the art did not make a very good Christmas card.

DATE 01 Mar 2015