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12th International
AIC Congress
July 2013
The Sage, Gateshead

Bringing Colour to Life
Download all the abstracts and buy the CD with the full length text of all the papers here


Annual General Meeting
Presentation of new Coat of Arms
Newton Medal Lecture:

Progress Towards the Measurement of Appearance – Tortoise or Hare?

Michael R Pointer
Visiting Professor, University of Leeds

Details of the proceedings here

Coat of Arms


AISB-50 Annual Convention 2014
Thursday and Friday, 03-04 April 2014
Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London SE14 6NW
New perspectives on colour from a 13th century
account of light, material and rainbows

Dr Hannah Smithson

Colour in Clapham - A Spectrum of Events
Friday 21 March 2014
Omnibus Clapham, 1 Northside Clapham Common, London SW4 0QW

March 21st every year is the EQUINOX - aequus (equal) + ox (night). Around this date, night and day are equally long, symbolically juxtaposing the complementary nature of dark and light, of shadow and illumination, that are expressed in all human cultures. So the Colour Group joined with Omnibus in Clapham Common to celebrate the
In a day-long programme stuffed full of demonstrations, lectures, talks and exhibitions, visitors to the Omnibus Centre saw many different aspects of colour from the technical and physiological to the artistic and the fashionable.
Below you can see the audience being shown where colour lies in the electromagnetic spectrum and underneath that how colour apears in a fashionable (?) jacket and when people are illuminated with colourful lights.

Lecture on spectrum
Colourful jacket Light and colour on peoplePhotos above by Paul Reeman and below by Janet Best
colour tests
Fun was had learning to specify given colours on a system like the Kolormondo (RIGHT) and in defining the colours in x, y, z chromaticities of foils and jelly beans (ABOVE). Working with jelly beans was good - you could eat the test when you had got the values wrong. Kolormondo fun

Colour in Fashion and Design
Wednesday 05 February 2014
City University, London EC1V 0HB

Rain 1 Tube strike notice rain 2
There are few things worse than wind and rain and a transport strike that meeting organisers fear. For this Colour in Fashion and Design meeting there were all three but 55 brave people made it to the meeting and heard the speakers deliver their informative presentations. There was plenty of time for networking over a cuppa and (several) cakes which included the famous City University mini-muffins.
Details of the talks may be found here.
networking 1 networking 2
cakes cakes

Annual One Day Colour Vision Meeting
Wednesday 08 January 2014
Institute of Ophthalmology, Bath Street, London EC1V 9EL

It is now quite a tradition to have a colour vision meeting in January every year and 2014 was no exception. The theatre was full, the lecturers were brilliant and entertaining and their slides were superb.

Jenny Bosten Steve Shevell Hannah Smithson
Jenny Bosten (University of Cambridge) told us what white was. Steve Shevell (University of Chicago) delivered the Palmer Lecture and is seen here examining his illuminated scroll. Hannah Smithson (University of Oxford) was concerned with volumetric scatter and absorption of light.
Lunch before The picture on the left shows what lunch looked like before and on the right what it looked like after. Lunch after
Bevil Conway Jamie ward Neil Parry
Bevil Conway (Wellesley College, USA) was the CRS Sponsored Lecturer and discussed colour circuits in the inferior temporal cortex. Jamie Ward (University of Sussex) revealed some of the secrets of synaesthesia. Neil Parry (University of Manchester) considered the blue-yellow inhomgeities of the retina.
Roland Baddeley Below we see the common sight of a lecturer struggling to get the computer to talk to the projector - here it is our Palmer Lecturer. Sam Solomon
Roland Badeley (University of Bristol) told us of his ideas on real world constancy (and PIGs). Shevell and Macbook Sam Solomon (UCL) was on home ground and described early chromatic pathways of the primate.

Colour Group Christmas Colour Caper
Wednesday 04 December 2013
The Colour Makes People Happy Store, London SE22 8EQ

Down in East Dulwich some CG members and friends found the Happy Store which is narrow but goes back and back and back. Therein was a collection of many things to do with colour, paint and Holland. The Dutch connexion is because Holland has an enormous paint industry and supplies, indirectly, most of Europe's paints. Knowing this, the coloured clogs and windmills were explained.
The highlight of the afternoon was when everybody tried the paint wheel: the pictures show Chairman Valérie Bonnardel apparently attempting to make a new logo for the Colour Group. Was she successful?

Making a colour picture The spun picture

Blue lights: benefits, hazards and sensitivities
Wednesday 06 November 2013, City University

The room was packed to hear about some of the new ideas about blue light - it drives many visual and non-visual responses but what are the mechanisms and effects it produces? The audience learnt about melanopsin, where it is found, the neural circuits involved and how, for example, sleep/wake cycle are synchronised even in blind individuals. After tea, colour prefernces took over and it seems blue is especially important and a colour favoured in many cultures. Is blue light arousing? The dangers of making generalisations was discussed from the point of view of a possible evolutionary trend for blue.

Howard Anya Hurlbert
Howard M Cooper (Bron, France) - ABOVE LEFT - gave the talk before tea and Anya Hurlbert (Newcastle, UK) - ABOVE RIGHT - talked after tea. BELOW - Anya and John Mellerio (who had given in introductory lecture) tackle the usual problems of getting one computer to talk to another with, apparently, wild if unconvincing success.
Anya & John
NOTE: It is hoped to have versions of the presentations available on the meeting page soon - keep your eyes peeled.

Palmer and CRS Awards Meeting
Wednesday 09 October 2013, City University
The first CRS Award winner and the six Palmer Award winners described their work as presented at meetings in 2013 - see details here.

Award Winners group photo

The photo shows, left to right, Min-Ho Jung, Dr Vien Cheung in lieu of Chryslida Kitsara who could not attend, Yiting Duan, Marjan Vazirian, Christopher Witzel, Lydia Whitaker the CRS Award Winner, and Melissa Olen.

IX Conferenza del Colore
Florence, 19-20 September 2013
The first joint meeting with the Gruppo Del Colore (Italy)


Two days in Florence in late summer!
Much colour vision to be considered and discussed.
Many sights to be seen.
A conference dinner to attend.
And finally the conference photo, though for the one shown below, only a few of the 190 delegates could be rounded up - the rest, presumably, were stuck in the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore or still sampling the wine and the culinary delights of Tuscany.

Conference dinner
some delegstes

AIC2013 International Congress
8-12 July 2013
The SAGE, Gateshead, UK

Over 500 dellegates attended the International Congress, the many parallel sessions and keynote lectures. The Congress concert at the SAGE and the visits to Durham city centre and cathedral, and the Congress banquet at Alnwick Castle Gardens were greqtly enjoyed.

Colour Group stand

The Colour Group organised the Congress and was an obvious presence with a stand in the SAGE (LEFT) and sessions from the Group's Teaching Fellows - Prof Ron Douglas starts his talk (BELOW).


At the bottom is a picture of the closing ceremony with the two co-chairmen, Prof Steve Westland and Prof Lindsay MacDonald holding the AIC banner.

Ron Douglas Teaching Fellow
Closing ceremony


The International Colour Vision Society Symposium
14-18 July 2013
Winchester University, UK

This meeting was jointly sponsored by the Colour Group.
Here are some photos taken during the meeting:
Winchester University Vice Chancellor, Prof Joy Carter, talking to Neil Harbisson, guest speaker (
BELOW), and to Prof John Mollon (RIGHT).


Audience two members
AudienceTwo pictures of the audience (ABOVE & RIGHT) and the inevitable group photo (BELOW). Audience member
Group photo

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