Studio tour and talks
Wednesday 26 April 2017
Cobalt Studios
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1AP

Inspiring Books on Colour
Wednesday 05 April 2017
Seminar Room, Royal College of Art, London SW7 2E Speakers team There was a sell-out and a waiting list for this event at the RCA where five speakers (ABOVE) described and reviewed their chosen books (see details). From left to right the speakers are Roy Osboure, Joyce Dixon, Alexandra Loske, Stuart Durant and John Mollon The feedback was very positive and the CG(GB) will have to follow up this sytle of event. There does remain one question though; why do the men look so serious and the women happy?

Monday to Wednesday 27 - 29 March 2017
BFI Southbank and Friends House, London

Opening shot This image above came from the start of the conference: Day 1 NFT3 at BFI Southbank.

The Conference opened on 27th March 2017, at the National Film Theatre 3, BFI Southbank and continued in the Friends House, Euston for two more days. The event was co-organised by the Colour Group (GB) and the Institute of Applied Sciences (HTW), Berlin and in co-operation with the University of Zurich, British Film Institute (one of our Patron Members) and the University of Bristol - The Eastmancolor Revolution and British Cinema, 1955-85. There were further supporting organisations: San Francisco Silent Film Festival, USA; ARRI, Munich; Czech National Film Archive, Prague; Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF, Frankfurt am Main and Aardman Animations, Bristol.
speakers day 2
Speakers and organisers at the end of Day 2 From the left: R. Byrne, T. Vincent, A. Mebold, K. Millard, E. Tantcheva-Burdge (CG), J. Muschaweck, U. Rüdel (HTW), G. Trumpy, A Stockman, E. Watkins. (Notice the skillful use of black and white photography at a conference on colour - very cool)

The Conference is establishing itsplace amongst the regular scholarly events on colour in historic film. Discussions ranged from restoration, preservation and digitalisation through to the science of restoration and how the human visual system enables the illusion of moving images, as well as discussions on the aesthetic and semantic values of colour in films from different eras.Speakers were from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the USA and Australia.
The was a sell-out with 100 participantswhich was the maximum number that could be fitted into the venu. In 2016 participants were from six countries, but in 2017 they were from 12: the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, the USA and Australia.
speakers day 3
Speakers and organisers at the end of Day 3: From the left: R Farmer, E. Tantcheva-Burdge (CG), U. Rüdel (HTW), K.S. Dootson, L. Mayne, H. Heckman, The Eastmancolor Project Team (P. Frith, K. Johnston, C. Rickards and S. Street)
Photos above by Antony Richards, Hemel Hempstead

More information and abstracts available here.

Northern Chapter:
Wednesday 29 March 2017
Customs House Gallery, Mill Dam, South Shields, NE33 1ES

viewing 1 The NC colour Group were lucky enough to have a private tour of Studio Stories show by Sunderland artist Virginia Bodman. Lesley Guy, Learning Officer at The Customs House Gallery in South Shields gave an informative and inspiring talk on Virginias history, practice and journey as an artist. Her life size colourful oil paintings were literally bursting forth with colour and the layers of paint revealed her layers of meaning the more time you spent with them. The NC Colour Group (GB) would like to thank Customs House for generously giving both their time and a lovely tea and we very much look forward to their series of exhibitions in 2018 during their curators Year Of Colour.


Above, Lesley Guy from the
Customs House Gallery addresses the CG(GB) members on the tour.

viewing 3

Northern Chapter: COLOUR MEETS TREND
Wednesday 01 March 2017
School of Design, Northumbria University

Colour trend Speaakers
This was a stimulating event looking at the mystery behind colour trends.
There were three guest speaks: Jo Feeley, creator and managing director of the Trend Bible which is based in Newcastle; Jennifer Wigham, a design consultant and specialist in the intimate apparel sector and Karen Haller, Applied Colour Psychology Practitioner and teacher.
Jo Feeley brought along two of her very valuable Trend Bibles for the 2018/19 season which gave us an insight into future trends for a couple of years time and which she supplies to clients who are looking to her for advice and guidance into how to develop their brands in the right direction.
Jennifer gave a truly colourful talk on the fashion trending colours coming up over the next year in the intimate apparel sector whilst Karen Haller explored the trends from both a business perspective and what drives consumers to follow them, in other words, how colour influences or is used to influence our behaviour.
We then gathered for tea and coloured macaroons in the atrium and to view an exhibition of photographic imagery, objects and information all pertaining to the idea of colour trending.
Photographs: TOP: the speakers L to R; Jennifer Wigham, Jo Feeley, Susi Bellamy and Karen Haller.
networking, tea time and some of the exhibition material. Photos: Maria Olkkonen
networking 2

Presentation of Student Prize
Wednesday 22 February 2017

Nathans gets certificate

The Optical Group of the Institute of Physics held an Optical Biomimetics meeting in the Blackett Lab at Imperial College. Ever since humans contemplated replicating the flight of birds, biomimetics has sought solutions to complicated problems by examining how Nature, with the advantage of several millions of years of evolution, has tackled them before. Nowhere is this more apparent than in optics - hence the meeting.
Here Nathan Masters presented a paper on his work entitled Living Opals in Brown Algae. This was judged to be "best in show" of the student communications and he was therefore awarded the Colour Group sponsored Student Prize.
The photo above shows Nathan receiving the certificate from Prof. Martin McCall (Imperial college) though the cheque will arrive later. No wonder that in the photo on the right he looks well pleased.


Presentation of Turner Medal to

Wednesday 01 February 2017

A relaxed and fascinating lecture from Michael preceded the medal presentation beneath one of his striking colourful images. Carinna and Michael
Carinna and Michael and the medal

Colour Group Chairman, Prof Carinna Parraman, thanked Michael Craig Martin for his lecture and then presented him with the Turner medal.
Michael thanked the Group for the medal: he was honoured and pleased to receive it.



The history of printing is not in black and white. Colour played an essential role in print culture even before Gutenberg printed his Bible, but it has long been hidden in plain sight because colour printing is rarely recorded. old colour print
This interdisciplinary, introductory course provides an overview of colour printing techniques in the West from manual techniques c.1400 through the development of chromolithography in the mid-1800s.
The Institute of English Studies, University of London, is offering this week-long course running 10 to 14 July as part of the London Rare Books School (LRBS), with reduced fees for students. Further details at here. Other courses at this year's LRBS can be found here: here.

New Patron Member


The CG(GB) welcomes our latest Patron Member. The University says;
At Northumbria University our inspirational academics, cutting edge courses, outstanding facilities and extensive partner network means that we offer exceptional opportunities to learn from the best, enjoy every minute and give your career an edge. Northumbria University creates and applies knowledge to transform lives and makes a powerful cultural and economic impact.

biomimetics logo

at Imperial College:
CG(GB) Sponsors Prizes

The CG(GB) has agreed to sponsor two student prizes for the meeting at IC. The meeting is described so:
Ever since humans contemplated replicating the flight of birds, biomimetics has sought solutions to complicated problems by examining how Nature, with the advantage of several millions of years of evolution, has tackled them before. Nowhere is this more apparent than in optics where some of the rich optical behaviour presented through evolutionary nano-structuring can now be replicated to our advantage in the laboratory. Structural colouration of morpho butterfly wings, for example, was recently commercialized to produce interferometric modulation to define pixel colouration in displays.
Click for more details of the meeting.

Red Project Notice


Following a very successful RED EVENT last December, the Norhtern Chapter of the CG(GB) has had the idea taken up by the Northumbria University School of Design which has put in a colour red show in their atrium - everywhere you look it's RED.

Book Cover


M ichel Albert-Vanel's book Planetary Colour System (PCS) is now published in English and the image above is of the cover.
The author has lectured for more than 30 years at l"Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and gave a presentation at the CG(GB) on Colours in India in April 2014. The PCS is a colour-order system which has been shown to be effective in various applications such as the classification of paintings and images. It helps the user's understanding of the art and can become a powerful creative tool.
The book is only available from the author by email: The cost is 49€ + 20€ (postage to UK).

Santa red and green


W hy are the 'colours of Christmas' red and green'? Who said Santa should be red? Coca-Cola? Dr Spike Bucklow last year presented his ideas in Cambridge. It is, it seems, those pesky old medievals who are to blame. Check it out and enjoy your pud with a piece of green holly with red berries come the 25th.

stripcolour wheel


T he strip on the left that runs down for some way is an analysis of what colours appear on our Home Page, the length of a colour being the proportion of colours on the page. Another way to show our 'colours' is above right where the colours used are shown on the colour wheel. The analysis is by and their site is worth a visit where you will see Hacker News pages are mainly friendly orange and those of Printerest annoyingly red.



W ell, the letters stand for British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies and they want to form a Special Interest Group on Colour and Film. Colour and Film thus encompasses, but is not limited to, questions of film making, exhibition, archives, film history and analyses from early film to narrative cinemas and experimental film, genre, theories of subjectivity, colour and affect, sexuality and philosophy. The Group welcomes members interested in all aspects of Colour and Film, its history, theories, preservation and aesthetics, so far including scholars, filmmakers, archivists and film conservation specialists. Find out more from their web pages.
Anybody know what the background for the BAFTSS image is? Very very small prize for the first correct answer.

gender choice


A recent blog by Kissmetrics summarises earlier work by Joe Hallock with some great graphics, one of which (see above) summarises nicely the situation at home during a recent spell of redecoration. Any chaps out there as confused by egg plant and lavender as I am?

DATE 06 April 2017